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Prince of Denmark, Naked in New York

“L’hanno potuto fare solo perché sono donne”!!! Ci si potrebbe rilevare un atteggiamento maschilistico, una rivalsa tesa a sminuire la forza delle donne, di certo troppo spesso la gente parla solo perché ha la bocca e scrive solo perché ha una tastiera, in ogni caso bene hanno fatto a dare una risposta così forte e precisa. Grandiiii!

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_6346Last summer, we produced an all-female, all-nude staging of Shakespeare’s final play, The Tempest, outdoors in Central Park, and it was a huge success: hundreds of people came to see the play in person, and millions more — literally — read or heard about it in media coverage ranging from NBC News and Salon to every major newspaper in the U.K. (They love it when Americans experiment with Shakespeare, apparently.)

img_3506One recurring theme in the comment section of online coverage, however, went like this: “They could only do this because it was women — try it with naked men and they’d get arrested!” Well, we all know a challenge when we hear one. So our Tempest directors sat down to plan an all-nude, all-male production of Hamlet. 

IMG_6354That production was staged this summer, first in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and then, just this past week, in Central Park, at the…

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