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Boys & Girls, School Showers – update

Vecchio ma ancora attuale. Magari nelle scuote Italiane la doccia manco esiste, ma ci sono tante altre situazioni a cui si può ricondurre la questione: piscine e palestre, ad esempio.

All Nudist

Originally posted on May 6, 2008  (All-Nudist has MOVED to ALL-NUDIST.COM)

  No, I’m not advocating co-ed showers, so relax (just lost  a bunch of Google porn searchers there.  Off to muddier pastures, guys!).

This is kind of brain twister that has long intrigued me.  Let’s have some fun.

OK, boys and girls shower separately because they might be sexually stimulated by seeing each other nude, right?  So, what if there’s a gay guy in the boy’s shower, shouldn’t he be excluded for that reason?   Same goes for a lesbian in the girl’s shower, right?

So we put the gay guy in with the girls so he isn’t attracted to them but, the girls might enjoy looking at him.  Right again?  Same with the lesbian in the boy’s shower.  Hmm.  Can’t do that.

Now, we can’t put the gay guys together, nor the lesbians, that would NOT be…

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