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The Tempest Returns


Ecco come si crea il successo, c’è molto da imparare da queste donne e io lo sto facendo, spero anche altri, soprattutto tra i nudisti (e naturisti) italiani sempre troppo restii a manifestarsi, sempre troppo pronti a soccombere, sempre troppo soggetti al pensiero debole.

This past May, we put on an all-female, fully nude production of Shakespeare’s final play, The Tempest, outdoors in Central Park. It was a huge success, attracting not only an audience of hun…

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The Street, Fair

“We’re not out to pick fights; we’re out to set an example” Excellent this is the correct road / “Non vogliamo fare lotte ma solo dare l’esempio” grandiiiiiii Questa è la strada da seguire!

Eccole nuovamente all’opera, ecco un esempio d’intelligenza, altro che proporre o sostenere leggi castranti, altro che crearsi tare mentali su presunte offese agli altri: uscire a testa alta, uscire tra la gente, uscire certi della propria normalità, uscire e… dare l’esempio!

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_5756Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

This marks the (unofficial) start of summer, and with it the start of street fair season, when New Yorkers — if they don’t flee the city entirely on weekends — spend their weekends at these migratory festivals full of guilty-pleasure food (crepes! zeppoles! mozzarepas!) and miscellaneous tchotchkes (dental tools! chopstick art! old LPs!). The weather is invariably hot, usually humid, often stifling, and any man in the crowd can walk without his shirt on. But you never see women doing it. Never. And how is that fair?

So we took matters into our hands.

IMG_5744We visited the annual fair held on Broadway, up on the Upper West Side. There were half a dozen of us and hundreds of other pedestrians, and yes, we got our share of stares and double takes. But overall people were indifferent or at least trying to appear so. A…

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Spring Ahead!

Seguo da qualche anno  queste donne e ho potuto apprezzare la loro crescita e la crescita della società attorno a loro, chiara e lampante dimostrazione del fatto che la legalizzazione… oops, liberalizzazione della nudità (anche se qui è limitata alle sole mammelle, il discorso logico è lo stesso visto e considerato che le opposizioni verso il topless sono le stesse di quelle verso la nudità completa, manifestate con la stessa ottusa ostinatezza e lo stesso bigotto fervore) invece di provocare problemi smorza le opposizioni e crea un’importante e positiva crescita sociale, portando molto più che alla semplice accettazione del nudo sociale.

Forza cari politici italiani, nazionali o locali che siate, smettetela con l’ipocrisia, smettetela di dar credito alle poche ottuse voci, fate il bene dell’Italia e dei cittadini italiani, date ascolto e spazio ai tanti che democraticamente, civilmente ed educatamente accettano la nudità sociale, tra i quali, per giunta, una bella percentuale sarebbe pronta a mettersi a nudo se fossero certi di non andare incontro a problemi con le forze dell’ordine e la giustizia. Che sia, però, una vera liberalizzazione e non una farsa volta a rinchiudere i nudisti dentro le mura di strutture che a qual punto assumerebbero più la forma di ghetti che di villaggi, campeggi, spiagge, eccetera, validando le malate tesi di chi vede nel nudo una volgarità, un’offesa, un fastidio, provocando alla fine una negativa regressione sociale invece che una positiva evoluzione. Forza, non fateci aspettare ancora a lungo.

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_0840What’s that tickle in our collective noses? Could it be…allergy season? Yes: a glance at the calendar confirms it, the days get an hour longer this Sunday, and suddenly warm weather isn’t a freak occurrence, it’s something we can start expecting as our due.

But for now it still has a whiff of the special treat about it, so when the weatherfolk said it would hit the 70s this week — Fahrenheit, kids…the real 70s! — we all breathed a collective sigh and made a beeline for the park.

IMG_0660It’s that wonderful season where some people still have down parkas on and others not so much. Count us in the ‘not so much’ brigade. It feels so good to get those layers off, and not stop until there’s nothing left to get off.

IMG_0836IMG_0855Helping set the tone, we came bearing waffles from the nearest Wafels & Dinges truck, books ranging from the…

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At the Temple of Books

Grandi, grandi, grandi! Il coraggio di vivere le proprie scelte fino in fondo, senza sottomettersi al pregiudizi e agli stereotipi sociali. Grandiiiii!

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Mission Accomplished

Cresce, eh si, il mondo cresce, lentamente, raramente, ma ogni tanto qualche impulso di maturazione sociale e istituzionale si vede.
Growing up, Oh yes, the world is growing, slowly, rarely, but occasionally some impulse of social and institutional maturity is seen.

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_8491We’ve always known we were in the right, that women in New York have the legal right to bare their breasts anywhere a man can—but we’ve also always had the sneaking suspicion that not every police officer in the city knew that that was the law. Happily, as reported the other day in the New York Times (and elsewhere), the NYPD held 10 days of briefings for every cop in the city which seem to have boiled down to this: Don’t hassle women for being topless. They aren’t doing anything wrong.

So when the temperature hit 80 degrees yesterday and nine or ten of us decided shirtless was how we wanted to be and Central Park was where we felt like doing it, we were curious to see whether the lessons had sunk in.  We had our chance to find out when a cop car pulled over beside us and…

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